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Staff Notes

Are you worried about breast feeding? Mom master, a doctor of Oriental medicine who lives with me and my son " Jung" " Hwan" We made a special tea to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk, relieving breast-feeding mothers' worries and improving their health. We call this " JINIYU" -Mom master's comment To make JINIYU, the most important part is high-quality pig feet, called "Donjok." Donjok has essential proteins, including collagan and elastin, which increase the quality and the quantity of breast milk. To make JINIYU, we compared all of the best varieties of pig feet from all over Korea. We finally settled upon a high-quality variety from Jeju Island, which we certify has never been given any antibiotics. -The origin of JINIYU Several days after I delivered my own son, I was exhausted by the demands of infant rearing and breast feeding. My husband, a doctor of Oriental medicine, brewed for me his own recipe of this nourishing tea. The relaxation and improved digestion from the tea made all the difference. JINIYU is made from 8 ingredients (including Donjok), following my husbund's recipe Institute for Right Postpartum Care JINIYU has Antibiotic-free pigs' Donjok 100% naturally produced ingredients from South Korea Elimination of fat through a multi-level filtration process. The efficacy of DONJOK has been demonstrated in clinical trials by the Jang Junbok research team at the Kyunghee University School of Medicine Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. The result when the team injected Donjok into mice.

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